Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil has always been a source of pride for our family, thanks to the excellent soil present on our estate, to the right altitude of our fields and to the care we devote to olive trees.
We keep the same old recipe, based on the percentages of the three different types of tuscan olive trees: 50% Leccino, 35% Frantoio and 15% Moraiolo.
The olive harvest begins in October and ends in November, avoiding harvesting in December, the month in which the olives ripen too much, which would make the oil too acid.
The olives are taken to the oil mill, where a cold pressing is carried out, the same night of the day of the harvest, this avoids an excessive oxidation. Finally in our cellar we filter it according to the old method of filtration without the use of pumps, making it pass through cotton thanks only to the force of gravity.