The truffle is an underground mushroom which grows attached to the roots of some particular trees, like Linden, Pine and Oak. Every season has its own truffle, like it happens with the fruit:

Scorzone truffle, the black summer truffle which grows from June to September
Uncinato truffle, the black autumn truffe which we find in early autumn
White truffle, the king of the truffle which grows from October to December
Prized black truffle, the black winter truffle which we find from November to March
Marzuolo truffle, a white truffle you find in spring

In 2007 our passion for truffle hunting was born, me and my father Angiolin together with our first dog, Kira, trained for truffle hunting, we started hiking in the woods of our farm.
After all these years, we know a lot of good areas in almost all of Tuscany where we can find this prized underground mushroom. Angiolino also became a truffle dog trainer, and it was him who trained our two current truffle dogs: Teo and Roll.